OMA Process Analyzer

Continuously measure the chemicals in a liquid or gas process stream using the future of industrial process analytics: the OMA.

What is the OMA?

The OMA is an industrial device which measures a high-resolution absorbance spectrum in a continuously drawn sample from a liquid or gas process stream. Harvesting this rich data, the OMA provides real-time analytics for the process stream, including chemical concentrations, purity, and color.

What does the OMA measure?

Chemical concentrations  The OMA can simultaneously monitor up to 5 chemicals in the sample stream. All analytes must have distinct absorbance curves in the 200-1100nm UV-Vis/SW-NIR wavelength range to be measurable by the OMA. Search for a measurement

Chemical purity  By measuring a high-resolution transmittance spectrum, the OMA can very precisely detect impurities in the sample fluid by sudden changes in the spectral structure.

Physical properties  Various properties such as the heating value of a fuel or the octane of a gasoline blend can be powerfully correlated to the absorbance spectrum of the sample.