Fire and Gas Package Supplier

The traditional method of procuring fire and gas devices for an application or project is to raise a purchase order directly with the manufacturer or manufacturers’ representative. Understandably, when a project includes F&G devices from a variety of manufacturers, the cost to raise the multiple purchase orders can be considerable. Furthermore, managing several sub-suppliers is time consuming and logistically challenging. Agreement of project terms and conditions can also be a lengthy process involving legal personnel.

The term ‘Package Procurement’ refers to specifying and procuring various items from a single supplier to reduce these costs, save time, and streamline the overall project management. A growing number of engineering and construction contractors are moving towards package procurement to fulfill project requirements thus realising the obvious savings.

Protex Systems is capable of offering a complete package procurement service. Most manufacturers are restricted to only supplying and supporting their own instrumentation and will not outsource third party or competitive products to meet the project specification.